Machine processing

CNC metal striping up to a diameter of 800mm

Prosper PS-CNCXY800 HD

Material thickness:

Prochrome/stainless steel: up to 3mm
Steel: up to 4mm
Aluminium, brass, copper: up to 6mm

CNC turning 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis

Spinner TC600, Spinner TC600 with Y axis
Doosan PUMA SMX3100ST

CNC milling 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis

Spinner MVC 1000, EMCO MMV2000, EMCO MMV 3200 5x

CNC 2D Laser cutting with automatic loading/unloading

MAX dimensions: 3000 x 1500mm

Max thickness:
Prochrome/stainless steel: 30mm
Steel: 20-30mm (depending on the quality of the steel)
Aluminum: 30mm
Brass: 12mm
Copper: 15mm

CNC 3D Laser cutting

TRUMPF Laser Cell 7040, SSD 4kw, 4000x2000x750mm
Rotation axis: Lmax=4,000mm x Dmax=1,250mm
Possibility of laser cutting, welding and 3D printing.

CNC bending

Trumpf 5130 – 6 axis stops, laser angle measurement, 130 tons, length 3m

Bystronic Xpert 80 – 6 axis stops, automatic bending by robot, 80 tons, length 1.5m

AMADA HFB 50 – 50 tons, length 2 meters

Prima power panel bender EBe 2720 FM – Automatic addition and bending of panels

Max thickness
Prochrome: 2mm
Steel, brass: 3mm
Aluminum, copper: 4mm
Min thickness: 0.5mm

Bending length:
Max bending length: 2,750mm
Max panel diagonal: 3,000mm
Max weight of position: 101kg

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