Equipping the production of the only factory of lighting fixtures in Croatia

Equipping the production of the only factory of lighting fixtures in Croatia

On August 2, 2019. the company Dekor tvornica rasvjete d.o.o. signed with the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investments, the Agreement on the allocation of grants for the purpose of implementing the project entitled “Equipping the production of the only factory of lighting fixtures in Croatia”, contract reference number KK. .0097. The implementation of the project was co-financed from the European Structural and Investment Funds in the financial period 2014-2020.

The implementation of this project will enable the growth of competitiveness, the expansion of the product range, the strengthening of technological capabilities and knowledge, the education of human resources, the increase of physical capacities, the creation of new jobs, the growth of income from sales and exports, and the implementation of marketing and administrative activities.

Objectives of the project

The specific goal of the project is the growth of competitiveness through the growth of sales revenue by 31% by 2022 compared to 2017, the growth of exports by 31% by 2022. compared to 2017, an increase in the number of employees by 12 jobs by 2022. compared to 2017, the growth of productivity and competitiveness of production by acquiring 10 new machines and equipment, expanding the existing product range by introducing new lines of lighting fixtures: industrial LED lamps, street LED lamps and hotel table lamps, and strengthening technological knowledge through educating human resources.

Expected results of the project:

  • Growth of production capacity through the acquisition of new machines and equipment
  • Improved knowledge and skills of employees
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Project activities carried out on time
  • The project was presented to regular and potential clients and the wider community

Total value of the project: HRK 18,509,407.50

EU co-financing of the project: HRK 6,662,937.90

Project implementation period: July 16, 2018 to July 16, 2020.

Contact person for more information: Nevenka Varjačić, email: nevenka@dekor.hr, phone: +385 (49) 587 700

More information at: www.struktrunnifondovi.hr and https://struktrunnifondovi.hr/natjecaji/izgradnja-i-opremanje-proizvodnih-kapacitata-msp-kk-03-2-1-15/

Media appearances

You can find more about the media appearance that followed due to public interest in the project HERE.

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